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In the matter of Rajasthan Societies Registration Act 1958, For the registration of Scientific and Charitable Societies and in the matter of " Private Physiotherapy, Nursing & Para Medical Institutions Society of Jaipur", a society herein after refered to as "Private Physiotherapy, Nursing & Para Medical Institutions Society of Jaipur"

  1. Name of Society The Name of Society shall be of "Private Physiotherapy, Nursing & Para Medical Institutions Society of Jaipur"
  2. Registered Office The Registered office of the Society shall be situated at Jaipur, the present Address is
      SANGAM HOTEL, 17, Moti lal Atal Road ,Jaipur -302001 Ph: +91-141-2371794
  3. Office Address Plot No.273, Subhash Nagar, Pal Road, Jodhpur - 342008, Rajasthan
  4. Area of Operation Area of operation shall be RAJASTHAN State.
  5. Registration No. 407/ JPR/ 05-06
  6.. Aims and Objectives  
  • To endeavor a " Single Window approach " to student seeking admission in physiotherapy /Occupational gradation in the standard of   education and to implement such scheme in member institution.

  • To enlist the participation of Physiotherapy & Nursing Colleges institutions and communicate the process effectively to the target segment, the student and parents by implementing a consensus model.

  • To plan & prepare the code of conduct of physiotherapy Nursing education private institutions e.g. procedure , fee structure of institutions for admission of students, statutory approvals , examination process, recruitment of faculties and staff etc.
  • To protect the interest of student admitted in the private Physiotherapy & nursing Colleges of Rajasthan and to make them one of the    best professional. • To represent on the issue of common interest of all members on various Forum/bodies i.e. state Govt./ Central Govt., University, Judicial, Physiotherapy council IAP, RNC / INC

  • To develop an effective, credible and alternative seats selection process for Admission to Physiotherapy & Nursing College in Rajasthan capable of providing information of all members institutions, others stake holder such as students and parents and to provide information for admission of students in Physiotherapy &Nursing Colleges in Rajasthan over website of the consortium.

  • To prepare schemes/ reports/ projects/ procedures for the welfare of the Physiotherapy & Nursing students/ institutions and to improve/ implement Suggestions/ in admission system of Physiotherapy & Nursing students in Rajasthan And to get approved all such types of schemes/ reports/ projects/ procedures/ suggestions from Govt. of Rajasthan/ Govt. of Indian Physiotherapy Council / Rajasthan Physiotherapy Council/ INC/ RNC or any other Govt. /semi Govt. deptts./ private deptts./ institutions/ organisations.

  • Selection of students for various paramedical courses like lab tech, Radiographer, ophthalmic assistant, Physiotherapy conducted by conducted unaided institutions.

  • To appear / present/ submit/ suggest before Govt. of Rajasthan/ Govt. of of India/ Supreme Council/ INC/ RNC or any other Govt. deptts./ institutions/ organizations on behalf of the all Physiotherapy & Nursing institutions for rights & welfare of the physiotherapy & Nursing students/ institutions.

  • To promote the better education system in the member of institution and to carry out the activities for the welfare of the physiotherapy & Nursing institutions and to do all such activities services and business as may be incidental or necessary for the achievement of the Welfare of the Physiotherapy & Nursing institutions to improve the education standard/ systems.

  • To conduct, appoint, scrutinize, announce and have any other necessary immediate/ urgent decision regarding  appointment of experts to conduct merit based selection procedure for admission in the Physiotherapy & Nursing institutions in Rajasthan, in its member institutions.
  • To invite noted and eminent faculty, educationists of eminence to deliver guest lectures on a regular basis & to facilitate resource sharing from amongst the member institutions.

  • Member institutions will be signatories to a 'letter of consent' where they will commit to abide by the rules and guidelines of the consortium.
  • To establish, promote, subsidies, enlarge, provide, maintain, organize, undertake, mange, build construct, equip, develop, recondition,operate educational institutes, physiotherapy & Nursing College, tuition centers, career guidance and counseling services. Placement services and conduct of service in the area of Physiotherapy & Nursing, education training, and to run in India or abroad, training program in Physiotherapy & Nursing education, institutes, centers, schools, colleges, boarding houses, ashrams, academy and also to conduct teaching classes in the field of management, including Human resources, commerce, art,science, computer, engineering, medical, music, dance, acting, sports, journalism, social welfare, and industry which can imparted to the trainees, students, or in any other part of worlds and to do all such activities services and business as may be incidental or necessary for the achievement of above objects.

  • To impact training, conduct seminars, workshops, courses in Physiotherapy/ Nursing education, software development on Physiotherapy/ Nursing education. communication system technology Physiotherapy/ Nursing education, research & development work on Physiotherapy/ Nursing education system

  • Design and development, research of software system products like internet, intranet, websites, software enterprise, resource planning, e-commerce, telecom developments, to set up and run software or hardware training centers relating to the Physiotherapy/ Nursing education.

  • To conduct and promote socio-scientific analysis and research in the field of education, Physiotherapy/ nursing education, culture, health, development and democracy.
  • To organize conferences, exhibitions, training program, lectures, seminars, study group and work shop etc. on the various problems, for attainment of above objectives.
  • To print and publish, monographs, research papers, journals, working papers, books, annual surveys, new letters, research work etc. that may be considered desirable for the promotion of objectives of society.

  • To prepare trained and well qualified professionals in the field of Physiotherapy/ Nursing education and other related areas in the context of Rajasthan by itself as well as in comparison with other states India and abroad.

  • To promote, develop and improve scientific exchange of knowledge as well as technical co-operation between similar institutions within and out side country.

  • To promote formal and non formal education by establishing and running educational institutions urban and rural areas.

  • To secure and accept loans, endowments, grants in aid , donation or gift from various funds giving agencies on mutually agreed terms and conditions for promotion of the objectives of society.

  • To secure and accept donation or gift in cash or way of movable/ immovable property or any kind.

  • To invest and deal with funds and money of the society.

  • To acquire, purchase or otherwise own or take on lease or hire in jaipur or out side temporartily or permanently, any movable or immovable property necessary or convenient for furtherance of the society.

  • To borrow money from any govt./ non govt./ Bank/ financial institutions/ or any other institutions against the mortgage/ hypothecation/ pledge of the assets of the society.

  • To do all acts. matters and things and insure such expenditure as are incidental or conductive to the fulfillment of the above aims and objectives or any one or more of them.
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